Information Technology

Automated Bill Digitization

Bill Management is our machine learning driven product that enables our clients to digitize all their printed bills and generate statistics and custom workflows out of them.

It is aimed at helping you save the time to audit your bills, automating the processes around the bills and reducing human errors while bill processing. The application has two components. A mobile application that can be used to upload the bills in Image or Pdf format and track and correct the uploaded bills. The second is a cloud-based web application which has limited access to only the administration whose purpose is to see all the data and workflows and can be used to correct any bill data if required.


If you are in the business of manufacturing, construction, logistics or any domain that requires managing material, equipment and people, we have a product that can not only ease your management pains but also help in optimizing your time and money. 

Workly is a mobile application that can help you manage your enterprise by assisting you in tracking all the tasks that are being performed at your work locations, who all are involved in those tasks, what materials and equipment are being used and how the money is flowing to make things happen. It’s a modularized application which means that we will create a customized environment for your enterprise, and you will pay only for the services you use.

Automated Bill Printing

Time is money and we can all agree that writing bills by hand takes up a lot of time. In this era of accessible technology, we believe that huge leaps of progress can be made if simple, affordable yet effective technological products can be made available to the merchants and retailers. In this light, we present a mobile application which will be custom created for you after understanding your entire process of billing. 

The tablet application will be connected to a printer over WiFi so that you can create bills from anywhere within the range of the WiFi. The ultimate aim of this product is to replace handwritten bills which can facilitate saving time and paper, making the process more standard and efficient and most importantly improving the customer experience and client satisfaction.