Smart Flow Cooler

What’s worse than waking up in the middle of a hot night to switch on your cooler? Getting up in between a meeting to turn down the fan speed? Forgetting to fill water in the cooler and not able to start the cooler instantly? Entering a hot office at the start of your workday?

We understand. And we have a solution for you. A smart cooler that can be turned on/off from anywhere on the planet. A cooler whose fan speed or the pump motor is under your control at all times. And speaking of time, a cooler that can be automatically started or stopped based on the time you set. Moreover, a cooler that can tell you if its water level is low. Integrated with a mobile app that can onboard you and your cooler in less that a minute, we make sure that your experience is simple, efficient and secure.


Want to know when your machines were turned on or off in a day, month or year?

Pulse, is a monitoring device that can help your track the usage of your machines and equipment. It’s a small, high optimized device that sits between your power supply and the machines and tracks the usage and sends it to our easy-to-use mobile application.

Our mobile application allows your see the real-time status of your machines, has graphs which show the historic data for the day, week, month and even the year! On top of that, you can see your machines in our layout view where your machines are arranged on the layout of your choice.


Forgot to turn off your geyser and just remembered it while commuting to work? Too lazy to get up and turn off that light when you are cozied up in the blanket? Have to start a machine every day at the same time? We understand, and we have a solution.

Hex is an IOT product that can turn on/off any device that you want over the internet and can do it on your behalf if you set the time. It is accessible through a simple, secure, access-controlled mobile application where you can turn your devices on/off or set the device’s timer. It comes in two variations. Hex, which can be used on high current drain devices such as ACs and motors, and a more compact version called Hex lite, which can be used for lighter devices such as bulbs, lights, LED TVs etc.


What’s better than controlling one device with your mobile? Controlling your entire switchboard.

Enlazar, which is Spanish for the word “link”, is a product devised specifically to make sure that you can control any switchboard at your house, workplace or anywhere without making any visible changes to your place. It’s a smart and compact device that slides behind your switchboard and enables you to turn any button on/off using a simple mobile application.

Smart LEDs

Gone are the days when tube lights were the norm. Enter the new age of lighting by upgrading your place with smart LED strips that can be controlled with your mobile phone.

Not only can you turn them on/off but with a simple click, you can change their colour to whatever you like, from anywhere in the world. There are even patterns you can set that light up the strip differently, to add a bit of pizzazz. If it’s a house party, you can turn on disco mode, or if it’s a dinner date with your partner, you can turn on mood lighting. We try to cover all the bases but if you need any special customizations, we are more than happy to make them for you.

Smart LCDs

Want to display the details of your products in a smarter way than just printing them on a piece of paper and glueing them every single time the details change?

We have exactly what you need. Engendering from the government’s mandate to display expiration dates on over-the-counter food products, we have created a smart LCD display that can be updated using a secure, access-controlled mobile application so that you don’t have to worry about the latest information being displayed and can contribute to saving the environment by reducing paper usage. It just takes two clicks to update any display you have access to, making it faster and easier than any other alternative out there.


Save electricity with our product that turns any device on/off based on the sunlight around it. It can be your lawn lights, or the sprinkler at your farmhouse, our product can take care of it. It’s a self-reliant device that doesn’t have any dependencies on the internet and just requires a power source. It is designed to be robust, climate resistant and compact so you don’t have to worry about using it anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Smart weighing Machines

The current weighing machines available in the market do the job but can they be made better? Can they securely send the weighing data directly to your mobile phone or computer? Can they help you track the amount of product being manufactured?

Yes. Yes, to all of the above. Turquoise does not require you to buy a new machine but will integrate your weighing machine with our IOT infrastructure and enable you to capture any weighing data that you require. Our data devices are compact, robust and effective and can be integrated with any weighing device which enables us to make smart custom solutions for you.