Our smart plug that makes your life Hexy!

Have you ever wondered?

If you could turn on your AC before you can reach your home on a hot summer day?

If you could turn off your water heater from anywhere when you forget to do so?

If you could turn on the water pump everyday in the morning and turn it off automatically?

We face the same problems

And we have figured a smart way to fix them

  • Turn on/off from anywhere

    You can turn any device plugged into HEX on/off from anywhere on the planet.

  • Set the timer

    You can set the time to start or stop the device and HEX will take care of the rest.

Meet Our App

How does it work?

Has a simple One Time Password ( OTP ) based sign up and login process

Allow you to arrange your devices based on location

Enable you to turn your device on/off from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet

Allow you to schedule the timer of your hex from the details page

You can either set the start time, end time or both.

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