We, at Turquoise, like to understand your processes, policies and people, and design custom solutions for you


We automate everything, from huge factories to kitchens, from AI driven apps to simple bill trackers.


We believe that there are three most important aspects of any business are technology, and we strive to stand by them.

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Connection


In broader terms, the work at Turquoise can be divided into five domains.

  • Internet of things
  • Application development
  • Machine learning
  • Industrial automation
  • PCB Manufacturing 


We have a simple yet effective process to handle a project & we are open about it.

  • Talk to all the stakeholders
  • Understand the requirements & constraints 
  • Create a minimum viable product
  • Get constant feedback & improve the product 
  • Finalize the product & do the handover

Internet of Things

Smart TVs. Smart Refrigerators. Smart ACs. Smart Ovens. Smart Cars. Everything is moving towards being smart but what makes it really smart? Turquoise believes that any product, service or policy that saves time and energy is smart.

Our goal is to provide custom hyper-connected internet-driven environments to our clients which are conducive to saving time and energy. It can be in the form of a sleek mobile app that helps you set time for your AC to shut down or can be a cross-platform application that takes can digitize all your paperwork. 

Our process involves understanding your processes which can be optimized, coming up with a solution to address the core problems, improve the solution over time and hand over the product.


Application Development

Application development is a broad term and we agree. So, what can we make? We have expertise is rapid development of web and mobile applications. 

We have a solid development team with expertise in Java, JavaScript, Python, database technologies like MYSQL, Oracle SQL, Firebase and NOSQL databases, to help you build robust, fast and dependable web solutions. 

What are applications without a beautiful and intuitive user interfaces? We have a team of UI and UX experts who understand how applications can be optimized to make them accessible to the users along with a development team who can manifest those ideas using ReactJS, Javascript for web applications and Android and IOS applications for mobile.

Machine Learning

Yes, we know how to make fancy things with Machine Learning. In this era of data, it is important to make sense of it. Information is a commodity, and we enable our clients by processing their data and drawing insights for them.

The domains that our applications have covered are Computer Vision, Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Robotics. We are exploring other areas of Machine Learning as well to provide a wider array of options to our clients.

Industrial Automation

Turquoise strongly believes that industrial automation is the key to the exponential growth of a country’s economy and we are passionate about helping our clients find the gaps in their processes which could be filled by smart automation.

The scope of the automation and the area of the automation can vary as per use case. It can be in the form of an IT application that helps the company do their audit faster and using minimal human resources or it can be form of an autonomous robot that can move materials from one sector of a factory to the other. 

We don’t restrict ourselves to any specific domain or technology. Our industrial solutions are made specific to the client’s needs by making sure that they are part of our entire journey from understanding of the problem statement to the delivery of the product.

PCB Manufacturing

The Make in India initiative by the Indian government has buttressed our motivation to strive for an independence from the dependencies in sourcing Printed Circuit Boards ( PCB ) from foreign countries.

Turquoise has taken up the challenge to become a manufacturer of 4-layer PCBs assisted by a team of passionate engineers and state-of-the-art machinery. Our goal is to help our clients scale exponentially by providing them with quick, efficient and reliable delivery of PCBs at their doorsteps.